DXTEEN OFFICIAL FANCLUB is a service that delivers members-only content that can only be seen here, such as the fastest ticket advance, BLOG, and DXTN VOICE.

You can choose the payment method from [Monthly Membership Fee Bundle Payment Course (12 months)] [Monthly Membership Fee Course (monthly)].


Monthly Membership Fee Bundle Payment Course

new membership
Membership fee 6,600 yen (tax included) / 12 months
payment method
Credit card payment/ Paypal 
*You cannot pay with a prepaid card or debit card.
Membership period・
About updates

Monthly fee lump sum payment course membership period is from the date of completion of the enrollment procedure until the end of the year one year later.

①If you join on March 20, 2023 : [Membership deadline] Until the end of March 2024
②If you join from February 11, 2023 to February 28, 2023 : [Membership deadline] Until the end of March 2024
*For those who joined early in February, the membership deadline will be the deadline in ② above.


Monthly Membership Fee Course

new membership
550 yen (tax included) / 1 month
payment method
Credit card payment
*Payment by prepaid card or debit card is not possible.
*The monthly course does not support payment methods other than the above (convenience store payment/LINE PAY, etc.).
Please note that we will not be able to respond to any inquiries about our response schedule.
Points to note regarding course changes
  • ・If you withdraw from the "Monthly Membership Fee Course" and join the "Monthly Membership Fee Bundle Payment Course" within the same month, both "Monthly Membership Fee Course" and "Monthly Membership Fee Bundle Payment Course" will be charged for the current month. will incur a membership fee.
  • ・After withdrawing from the "Monthly Membership Fee Course", if you register for the "Monthly Membership Fee Bundle Payment Course" within the next month, you will be able to continue using the site with your membership information (enrollment date).
    *If you log in with Plus member ID and password you obtained when you registered for the monthly membership Monthly Membership Fee Course, you will be taken to the course and Monthly Membership Fee Bundle Payment Course method selection page. Click here for details.
    Example) If you want to change to the "Monthly Membership Fee Course" until February and to the "Monthly Membership Fee Bundle Payment Course" from March.
    In February, withdraw from Monthly Membership Fee Course before the payment date → Join Monthly Membership Fee Bundle Payment Course from March 1st to the end of March
  • ・ Monthly Membership Fee Course and Monthly Membership Fee Bundle Payment Course membership fees incurred during the membership period cannot be refunded. Please note.
  • ・The settlement date may vary depending on the customer's payment settlement date, weekends and holidays, so please check the settlement date of your selected payment method for details.



    You can apply for DXTEEN OFFICIAL FANCLUB member ticket advance reservation.
    In the lottery, the monthly membership fee collective payment course has the highest priority.
    *Tickets are not guaranteed.
    *Priority may change depending on precedence.

  • BLOG

    In addition to the blogs that follow the themes of each member, you can see the daily lives of the members on the staff blog.


    We will deliver various videos such as behind-the-scenes of live performances and shooting, as well as planning videos.


    We will deliver radio with various combinations of members.


    We will deliver various voices of each member at random once a day.
    You can collect the voices you've heard once and enjoy them again and again.


    Artist photos, MV shooting, live off-shots, etc. are released. You can enjoy "DXTEEN" behind the scenes that you can't usually see.

  • Q&A

    Questions from fan club members will be solicited, and members will randomly answer.


    We are preparing other special contents. looking forward to!


    A membership number is issued (Monthly Membership Fee Bundle Payment Course only) and a digital membership card is issued.
    You can choose your favorite member and register.

Please be careful

  • ・You must register for yourself. If the applicant and member information are different at the time of ticket advance application, it will not be accepted.
  • ・ Only the person himself / herself can change the member information after registration. Family members cannot change it.

About "Plus member ID"

It is an ID that can be used in common on other sites that have introduced the ticket-pla system. If you are one of the following, you already have an ID.

  • ・People who use services operated by Fanplus (former EMTG) (applicable fan clubs, mobile sites, goods stores, etc.) (Click here for examples of applicable artists)
  • ・Those who have used the ticket-pla electronic ticket (former EMTG electronic ticket) or official trade service
  • ・ Those who purchased viewing tickets with StreamPass
  • ・ Those who used the live streaming viewing app "FanStream"
  • ・People who used lottery pla (PRODUCE 101 JAPAN SEASON2 mobile lottery, etc.)
  • ・ Those who used the VR MODE app