Terms of service

These Terms of Service (hereinafter "these Terms") set forth the rights and obligations of users (as defined in Article 1) in the course of using DXTEEN OFFICIAL FANCLUB (hereinafter "the Service") provided by Fanplus, Inc. (hereinafter "the Company"). In using the Service, users are required to read the entire text of these Terms and agree to be bound by the content of these Terms.

Article 1 (Scope of Application of these Terms)
This agreement shall apply to all customers who use this service.
These Terms shall apply to all customers who use the Service. The term "customer" refers in these Terms to any person who uses the Service. By using the Service, the customer is deemed to have agreed to be bound by the content of these Terms.

Article 2 (Revision and Acceptance of Terms)
1. The Company shall be able to make additions, deletions, corrections, or other revisions to these Terms at its discretion in the following cases:
 1) when the revision of these Terms is made in the general interest of users; or
 2) when the revision of these Terms is not contrary to the purpose for which the agreement was made and is reasonable in light of the necessity of the revision, the appropriateness of the content of the revised Terms, the details of the revision, and other matters pertaining to the revision.
2. In the event of a revision of these Terms as described above, the Company shall notify customers of its intent to revise these Terms, the content of the revised Terms, and the effective date of the revised Terms by displaying this information on the Service or through other appropriate means. The revised Terms shall come into effect on the above-mentioned effective date. Users who use the Service after the revised Terms come into effect shall be subject to the revised Terms.
3. The Service constitutes a "standard transaction" as defined in Article 548-2, paragraph 1, of the Civil Code, and these Terms constitute a "standard terms of contract" as defined in the same paragraph.

Article 3 (Usage of the Service)
1. Customers shall use the Service in accordance with these Terms and any other terms and conditions set forth by the Company.
2. This service is a paid service that can be used by paying an information and content usage fee. In order to use the paid content on the website, customers are required to subscribe to a Monthly Membership Fee Course or Monthly Membership Fee Bundle Payment Course or pay the necessary information fee to the Company by agreeing on each occasion to the separately specified amounts for certain content.
 3. Billing methods are described in the "Information Based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act" separately set forth by the Company.
4. All rights, including compilation copyrights, associated with the Service shall belong to the Company or third parties that hold the respective copyrights.
5. Customers are prohibited from reproducing, copying, storing, or forwarding the contents of the Service without obtaining prior permission from the Company.
6. Customers shall not take any action that threatens or restricts the rights of the Company or other third parties in relation to the Service, or any action that risks doing so.
7. Customers shall not transfer or assign to a third party any rights or obligational authority associated with these Terms of Service with respect to the Company.
8. The provision of the Service may be temporarily suspended for reasons such as system maintenance or inspection after providing prior notice to members. However, in the event of circumstances unforeseen by the Company, the provision of the Service may be temporarily suspended without any prior notice.
9. Communication fees will be incurred for the use of the Service in addition to the information fee. Customers who are using data packet services will incur communication fees for sending and receiving data.
10. The Company may suspend the provision of the Service or terminate these Terms of Service without any prior notice for customers who have failed to pay the information fee they are required to pay or who have otherwise violated these Terms.
11. If you would like to cancel your Monthly Membership Fee Course or Monthly Membership Fee Bundle Payment Course, you can go through the cancellation process on your desktop or mobile device.
12. All termination procedures for these Terms of Service performed through the mobile device of a Customer shall be regarded as having been performed by the Customer in question.
13. In the event that the Company determines that the operation of the Service is unsustainable due to the state of the artist's activities or other matters, the Company shall dissolve this entity and discontinue the Service after providing prior notice to members. In such cases, the Company shall not refund the Monthly Membership Fee Registration Fee or Monthly Membership Fee Bundle Payment Registration Fee, usage fees for paid content, etc., that have already been paid by members.

Article 4 (Restrictions and Prohibitions on Use)
1. The Company may restrict the use of some features of the Service (e.g., making posts, using the Contact Us form, etc.) for customers who have made malicious posts or abused the Contact Us form or email correspondence with the support team.
2. In the event that the behavior described above does not improve after receiving a warning from the Company, the Company may act to unilaterally terminate the membership of the customers in question.
3. The direct or indirect use of abusive language or any language that may be deemed as abusive language (the criteria for determination of which shall not be disclosed), harassment or any language that may be deemed as harassment (the criteria for determination of which shall not be disclosed), etc., against the Company, the Company's employees, individuals affiliated with the Company, and other members, is prohibited.

Article 5 (Handling of Personal Information)
1. With regard to the collection and use of personal information, the Company may request the personal information of customers (e.g., name, email address, birthday, gender, address, telephone number, occupation, fan club membership status, etc.) when the customer registers as a member, uses the Service, subscribes to the email newsletter, applies for gifts, answers questionnaires, etc.
2. The Company automatically collects information such as IP addresses, cookie information, and pages viewed/searched from the browsers of customers and logs this information on its server.
3. The Company shall aim to use the information collected from customers mainly in the following ways:
(1) for the provision of the Service;
(2) to improve the contents and services associated with the Service;
(3) as a reference for the preparation of aggregated data associated with the Service;
(4) to send email newsletters to the email addresses of customers with their prior permission;
(5) for the purpose of sending products, gifts, etc.; and
(6) to contact customers for any reason.

Article 6 (Other Disclaimers)
1. The Company shall not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, reliability, usefulness, etc., of the contents of the Service or information, etc., obtained by customers through the Service.
2. Except as provided in these Terms of Service, the Company shall not be liable for damages incurred by customers for any reason, unless such damages are caused by the Company's intentional act or gross negligence.

Article 7 (Jurisdiction, etc.)
In the event of any disputes between the Company and customers, both parties shall attempt to resolve the dispute in good faith. If the dispute cannot be resolved through these efforts, the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive court with jurisdiction of the first instance.

Article 8 (Governing Law)
These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan..  

Article 9 (Severability)
1. Even if some of the provisions of these Terms are deemed invalid under the law, the other provisions of these Terms shall remain valid.
2. Even if some of the provisions of these Terms are invalid or revoked in relation to a user, these Terms shall remain valid in relation to other users.

Supplementary Provisions revised on June 22nd, 2023