Privacy policy

We will handle personal information based on the following privacy policy.
Purpose of use
The purpose of using personal information on this site is to collect and use it for improving the content of this site and sending gifts, and to protect the interests of members.
Usage restrictions
Without obtaining the consent of the member, personal information will not be handled for purposes other than achieving the above-mentioned [Purpose of Use]. However, exceptions under Article 16 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (cases based on laws and regulations, protection of life and property, etc.) are excluded.
Ensuring accuracy
This site will do its best to ensure the accuracy of the personal information of its members.
Safety control device
In order to prevent the leakage, loss or damage of personal information of members of this site, and to manage safety, we select a manager and manage it based on laws and regulations such as the Personal Information Protection Law.
Supervision of employees and contractors
We will select a manager and supervise our employees and contractors in accordance with Article 21 (supervision of employees) and Article 22 (supervision of contractors) of the Personal Information Protection Act.
Restrictions on provision to third parties

We will comply with each of the above items and will not disclose personal information registered by members to any third party except in the following cases.

  • 1. When there is consent of the member.
  • 2. When it is necessary to disclose personal information to cooperative companies, affiliated companies, and outsourcing companies that have signed a confidentiality agreement with us in order to carry out the collection purpose specified to the member.
    (Example: Consignment of shipment of our products or product materials to a contractor, inquiry to a credit company at the time of payment, etc.)
  • 3. When it is appropriate for our affiliated companies or agents to respond to inquiries from members.
  • 4. Disclosure in a state where individual members cannot be identified, such as statistical data. (Example: Number of people requesting materials, etc.)
  • 5. When submission is required based on laws and regulations.
Inquiries, corrections, deletions, and suspension of use
Please contact this site for inquiries regarding members' personal information, corrections, deletions, and suspension of use in the event of errors. In order to prevent leakage of the member's personal information to a third party, if the Company can confirm that the request was made by the member himself/herself, the member's personal information will be disclosed within a reasonable period of time.・We will correct, delete, and suspend use.
Compliance with relevant laws and other norms
This site will comply with applicable laws and other norms regarding personal information registered by members.
About change of personal information handling summary
This site may revise the outline of the handling of personal information in order to better protect the personal information of all members, or in accordance with changes in Japanese laws and regulations and other norms. In that case, we will notify you separately.
Consultation window
Please use the inquiry form to contact us regarding the outline of this site's handling of personal information or consultation regarding your own personal information.