About fan letter and gift

Thank you very much for your warm support from all the DXTEEN members.
Please let us know and ask about fan letters and presents for DXTEEN members.
Please read the guidance below and thank you for your cooperation.

① Receivable items

● Letter-only fan letter
- Items containing cash, gift certificates, photos, etc. are not allowed.
-Please note that we will inevitably discard anything other than fan letters.

● Message book (fan book)
- As with fan letters, we do not accept any content other than the message book that is sent to the members.

②Items that cannot be picked up

●Items other than those listed above cannot be accepted.

③ Sending method

Please send it to the following address.
*Registered mail, EMS, etc. cannot be accepted for items that require a signature.

〒102-8787 Kojimachi Post Office
LAPONE Entertainment Co., Ltd. DXTEEN (member name)