Regulations for DXTEEN Support Advertisement

<DXTEEN Support Advertising Regulations>

2024.4.13 更新

いつもDXTEENへの温かいご声援をいただき誠にありがとうございます。 NICOの皆様にDXTEEN応援広告:Quest のお知らせです。

①DXTEENを応援するにあたり、使用可能な素材は公式ホームページより提供させていただいております、DXTEEN公式ロゴ、Quest 公式ロゴ、NICO公式ロゴ、Quest ジャケット写真3点、集合アーティスト写真、ソロアーティスト写真となります。

② The following acts are prohibited when supporting DXTEEN.
・Processing or modifying the member's face
・Extract individual members from collective artist photos and jacket photos and use them singly or in multiples.
・Slander or slander members, related parties, fans, or other third parties
・Infringing the rights of members, affiliates, fans, or other third parties
・Using support materials for purposes other than supporting DXTEEN, such as for profit.
・Change the color or modify the material
・Do not use materials other than designated support materials
・Doing other acts that the management side deems inappropriate.

③The use of support materials and the support period for the fourth term will be from April 13, 2024 to one month after the start of the fifth term.

(4) When providing support in a public place, such as outdoor advertising or digital signage advertising, in a manner that incurs expenses, an overview of LAPONE Entertainment (advertisement content, deployment location, usage period, cost, name of advertising agency, etc.) Please share by email.
(LAPONE does not review, approve, or support the content of advertisements. Please make decisions and implement them at your own responsibility.)

⑤ Please support at your own risk. The management side will not be held responsible for any damage caused by the support.

・Please use only materials downloaded from here.

・It is not possible to divert from SNS or other sites.

Thank you for your continued support.

LAPONE Entertainment Co., Ltd.

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