DXTEEN 2ND SINGLE "First Flight" Release Commemorative Tower Records Shibuya Store & Online Buyer Limited Event Will Be Held! <10/14 (Sat) Tower Records Shibuya B1F>



To commemorate the release of DXTEEN 2ND SINGLE "First Flight", an event will be held at Tower Records Shibuya B1F CUTUP STUDIO!

DXTEEN 2ND SINGLE "First Flight" released on September 6, 2023 (Wednesday) at Tower Records Online or Tower Records Shibuya store, 130 people will be selected by lottery from those who have reserved and purchased within the target period. Invite

<Event Overview>



[Date and time]

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Part 1: 14:00- (130 people)

Part 2: 16:00- (130 people)

*The date and time of the event are subject to change.

*Please select the desired department when applying.

* After winning, you cannot change the division you requested.


Tower Records Shibuya B1F CUTUP STUDIO

(1-22-14 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

[Event content]

Talk & game planning

*Event contents are subject to change.

<How to participate in the event>

Customers who reserve and purchase any of the target products at Tower Records Online or Tower Records Shibuya during the target period will be sent and handed out on a first-come, first-served basis. Please apply within the specified application period from the specified application site according to the method described in the "application ticket with entry code".

As a result of the lottery, we will invite the elected customers to the venue.

[Target store]

・Tower Records Online


・Tower Records Shibuya



Released on Wednesday, September 6, 2023


●First Press Limited Edition A [CD+DVD] Price: ¥1,700 (tax included)/Item number: YRCS-90232

●First Press Limited Edition B [CD+DVD] Price: ¥1,700 (tax included)/Product number: YRCS-90233

●Regular edition [CD ONLY] Price: ¥1,200 (tax included)/Part number: YRCS-90234

*Both first press limited inclusion benefits are included.

[Target period]

①For reservations made through Tower Records Online

Until 23:59 on Sunday, August 20, 2023 for orders

* Those who have already made a reservation are also eligible for application tickets.

* When ordering online, the application ticket will be shipped together with the product.

② If you make a reservation or purchase at Tower Records Shibuya

Over-the-counter sales: September 5, 2023 (Tuesday) when products arrive to September 10, 2023 (Sunday) when the store closes

* Reservations and reservations for target products are also available by phone and the store reservation service on the Tower Records website.


* "Application ticket with entry code" will be shipped together with the product if purchased at Tower Records Online. For those who purchase at Tower Records Shibuya store, we will give it to you when you purchase the product. In either case, changes, cancellations, and refusal to receive are not possible after purchase.

* The number of "application tickets with entry codes" is limited. Please note that distribution will end as soon as it is gone.

* On a first-come, first-served basis, we will also include the Tower Records original privilege "Torayca (TOWER RECORDS ver.)". If you purchase from Tower Records Online, we will ship it together with the product. However, the number of benefits is limited, so it will end as soon as it runs out.

~① Precautions when making reservations and purchases on Tower Records Online~

* If you purchase other products at the same time, delivery may be delayed after the application period ends, so we recommend that you purchase only the products for this event.

* Due to delays in shipping, etc., it may not arrive in time for the application period, so we recommend purchasing early.

* Since it takes time to receive at a convenience store, we recommend that you order by home delivery.

(Click here for estimated delivery time ⇒ http://faq.tower.jp/faq/show/10616)

*Please note that if the product is returned due to an unknown address, we will not be able to resend it for any reason.

[Application period (common to Tower Records Online and Tower Records Shibuya)]

September 5, 2023 (Tuesday) 12:00 to September 14, 2023 (Thursday) 23:59

[Notes on application]

*Registration for “Tower Records Members” is required when applying.

(Click here to register for “Tower Records Members” ⇒ http://faq.tower.jp/faq/show/15)

*Applications can only be made via the web (PC/smartphone/tablet, etc.).

* The application method is to apply from the "application dedicated site" with the URL listed on the "application ticket with entry code". For details on how to apply, please check the face of the "application ticket with entry code".

* Please check the "application ticket with entry code" you have and apply by yourself from the application form on the "application dedicated site" during the above application period.

* You can only apply once on the "application dedicated site" for each "application ticket with entry code". Please note that you cannot apply more than once with one "application ticket with entry code".

* If you apply with an entry code that is not listed on the "application ticket with entry code", your application will be invalid.

* "Application ticket with entry code" will not be reissued under any circumstances. Please keep it in a safe place.

[Information about winning]

Those who have won the event will be notified on the My Page of Tower Records Members (https://tower.jp/ec/Customer/Menu) after 15:00 on Friday, September 29, 2023.

* We will also inform you about the winning or losing by email.

*If you have spam mail settings, please set the domain specified reception to "@towerrecords.co.jp".

*It is strictly prohibited to transfer or resell winning information and winning rights to third parties, including family and friends.

*This event is only for the person who won the lottery. (We will check your identity with your ID at the time of admission)

* We cannot answer any inquiries regarding the winning or losing.

* If you cannot log in to My Page on Tower Records Online, we will not redistribute the winning information for any reason. Please manage your ID and password by yourself.

<Notes on the day of the event>

・Winners will be asked to bring their identification cards, and we will confirm their identities at the venue from the designated time listed in the winning guide. The personal information received will be shared with Tower Records, LAPONE Entertainment, and YOSHIMOTO KOGYO. In addition, personal information will not be used for purposes other than event management.

・When confirming your identity, if the personal information (name, address, etc.) registered at the time of application is different from the information on your ID, we may refuse admission.

・This event is only for the person who won the lottery. Accompanying persons are not allowed to participate under any circumstances. However, preschool children can be accompanied in the venue.

・Please make sure that your ID has your address on it.

・When the venue opens, customers who have completed identity verification will be asked to enter in order of reference number. In addition, the reference number is listed in the winning guide.

*Please be sure to bring the following two items to confirm your identity on the day of the event.

1) Smartphone, PC, tablet that can check the My Page screen of Tower Records Online (screenshots and captures are not possible)

2) valid identification

▼ “Identity verification document with face photo”


②Driver's license

③Student ID card with face photo

*If you have a student ID with a handwritten name, please prepare one of the items (a) to (f) below or one with your name printed on it on the day of the event.

*Please note that student ID cards for those over the age of 19 will not be accepted, even if they have a photo.

④ My number card

*Please use a special card case that hides your personal number.

⑤ Basic Resident Register card

⑥Disability certificate

・Physical disability certificate (with face photo)

・Mental Disability Health and Welfare Notebook (with face photo)

・ Nursing notebook (with face photo)

⑦Residence card

⑧Special Permanent Resident Certificate

If you do not have ① to ⑧, check with two items (a) to (f) below, or one item from (a) to (f) and at least one item with your name printed on it. Please note that 2 points of both names only will be NG.

(a) Insurance card

(b) Copy of resident card

(c) family register

(d) Family register extract

(e) Seal registration certificate

(f) Pension book

▼Examples of items with names printed and engraved

staff identity card

Student ID card without face photo

credit card

Cash card

Patient registration card

*Utility bills (electricity, water, etc.) bills and various types of postal items are not acceptable, even if they have your name printed on them.

* My number notification card (without face photo) is also not acceptable.

*If you are a foreign national, please be sure to prepare your "passport" so that you can clearly identify yourself.

※외국 국적이신 분은 명확한 본인확인을 위해 여권을 반드시 준비해주세요.

※Foreign customers will need valid passport for identification.

*In all cases, copies/handwritten/expired/impossible-to-use items will not be accepted.

*Manipulating or forging identity verification documents, or using forged identity verification documents are all criminal acts.

On the day of the event, we will check the actual identity verification documents. Please bring it with you and participate. If you cannot confirm the actual product on the day, we will refuse your participation.

<Other precautions>

*Photography/recording/recording of the event on the day and of any performers is prohibited. The use of auxiliary equipment for photography is also prohibited. If you do any of the above, your data will be deleted on the spot. The staff will also warn you if you act like you are filming.

*Please refrain from sending gifts or letters.

*Event details are subject to change without notice. Please note.

*Please be sure to follow the instructions of the staff at this event. If you do not comply, you may be asked to leave.

*The event may be canceled if an act contrary to the precautions is found.

*Please note that various restrictions may be set at the event to prevent accidents and confusion on the day.

*The venue, organizers, and performers are not responsible for any accidents, theft, etc. that occur at the event. Please manage your valuables by yourself. Please note that we do not store your luggage.

*In order to ensure the safe operation of this event, the organizer may refuse to participate in customers who are deemed unsuitable for participating in the event. Please note.

*If it is determined that the event is dangerous due to the circumstances of the artist, sudden stormy weather, strong winds, etc., or if it is determined that the event cannot be held due to force majeure such as equipment failure at the venue, natural disasters, traffic strikes, traffic delays, etc. will be canceled, interrupted or changed. Even in that case, we will not refund the purchased product. Please note.

*If the staff finds you disturbing other customers, you will be asked to leave the venue. Please note that we cannot accept returns or refunds for products in that case.

*Participation in the event by customers who are drinking or in possession of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited. In that case, please note that we cannot accept the return or refund of the product.

*On the day of the event, there may be cases where cameras are used for coverage. Please note that customers may appear in the video.

*Transportation and accommodation expenses on the day will be borne by the customer.

*Please refrain from waiting outside the venue for artists to enter or leave the venue, as this may cause inconvenience to the neighbors. In addition, please do not stay in the venue facilities or near the venue before or after the event gathering time.

*You cannot re-enter after entering.


●Tower Records Customer Service http://faq.tower.jp/faq/show/2348

● LAPONE Entertainment Co., Ltd.

▼Inquiry form


*We cannot reply to all inquiries. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

*Depending on the content of the inquiry, it may take several days to reply.

*Business hours: 11:00-18:00 (excluding weekends and holidays)