About membership

I have not received an email containing the URL for new member registration.

If you do not receive an e-mail with a "member registration URL" after entering your e-mail address, please check the following.

■ Those using a carrier address
Please set up so that you can receive emails from the"plusmember.jp" domain.
*For confirmation and setting methods, please contact the provider of your email address or your mobile phone company.

Each mobile company has a high level of anti-spam measures as standard, and as a result, there are many cases where e-mails do not arrive.
Even if you do not have any idea about spam mail countermeasures, please be sure to check.

■ Those who use docomo address
For information on how to check emails that have been identified as spam, please refer to the following website.
»If you are using the iPhone standard email app
»For those using the docomo mail app for AndroidTM smartphones
*Move to docomo site

If you are using an au address (ezweb.ne.jp / au.com)
If you set "Spoofing restrictions" to "High", your email may be blocked.
Set it to "Medium" or lower, or cancel the setting.

■Those who use SoftBank address (softbank.ne.jp / i.softbank.jp)
If your spam filter is set to "Strong", your email may be blocked.
Set to "Normal" or "OFF".

■ For those who use icloud, free address (gmail / yahoo), PC address
It may be automatically sorted into the "spam folder" or "promotion tab".
Please check your inbox as well.

■Is the capacity exceeded?
You may not be able to receive emails if your mailbox is over capacity or your smartphone is over capacity.

■The email address contains a string of characters whose use is restricted.
E.g.) Consecutive dots (.....), contiguous symbols (_-_), dots or symbols (.@) immediately before the at sign, symbols (-abc) at the beginning, etc. If you are using an email address, please register again with a different email address.

*The following e-mail addresses cannot be used in principle because they do not comply with the RFC (Request for Comments), a globally common Internet communication standard.

<E-mail address not compliant with RFC>
1. When symbols other than "-", "_", ".", "+", "?", and "/" are included
2. When symbols are used consecutively for two or more characters
3. If the symbol is used at the beginning and end (just before @)
Four. If the part before @ is 64 characters or more
Five. If the entire email address is longer than 256 characters

・Please change the settings so that you can receive emails from PCs and emails with URLs.

・When sending a blank e-mail instead of entering the address manually, please do not include your own auto-signature in the body or title of the e-mail.

・Depending on the mailer or e-mail app you are using, related e-mails may be displayed together as a thread.

If this does not solve the problem, please consider registering with another address that can receive emails.
*Gmail/Yahoo addresses are recommended.


If the above example does not solve your problem, please contact us using the form below.

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